Monday, April 26, 2010

The tomatoes are coming!

This last weekend was pretty crazy. We had some major storms throughout the entire Southern part of the Country and it made it's way up through TN and KY. The tv was set onto the local news all Friday night on through the entire next day. In the morning we got the safest place in the house ready just incase we needed it for a tornado shelter. The kids put in their blankets, cushions from the couch and some toys. Gavin attempted to rationalize needing his bat cave in the very tiny bathroom to play with while the storm was going on. 

Yeah, it didn't last long in there. The storms started to get bad around lunch time so the kids put on their bike helmets ready for the TOMATOES to come. (Yes, they call tornados, tomatoes). They asked where we were going to live once the house was destroyed???  I guess I am happy they really didn't understand to what extent how bad this was. If a tornado did hit our house that would be the very least of our worries, and if we would be able to have any worries at all. 

We ended up needing to be in the room for about 5 minutes when it got really bad. When the sky turned black and the rain was hitting the house sideways I made Aaron get in there too. I didn't want them to be scared of the weather but I also wanted them to have a healthy fear for what damage it can do. 

The next day we drove around post to see lots of trees down and the swimming pool sign destroyed. Thankfully there was no major damage in the area, unfortunately Mississippi was not so lucky. The kids saw on the news how people died down there and they asked why God protected us but didn't protect them... I really didn't know what to say. I still don't. How do you explain that to 6 and 5 year olds when I don't know the answer either. 

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  1. The weather is one of the most powerful things that reminds me of God's power! I am so thankful you guys are OK. I'm reminded of you and I talking on the phone while we were in NC and the storms were passing through...