Monday, April 19, 2010

Rest Stop

Last Friday Aaron received a surprise day off so we packed up the kids and headed to Chicago for the weekend. It was a good weekend to go up there. My Grandpa had kids night for his American Legion, my sister April's birthday and my Dad's birthday too. The drive takes us around 7 hours if we make only one short stop but on the way home we needed to take a longer break. We came across a rest stop for Rend Lake in Southern IL. WOW. That is the reaction we had when we pulled up. So thankfully I had my iphone to capture these pictures.  

Of course the kids head straight for the lake. Aaron started skipping stones and then tried to teach the kids. 

Ava started to look for a perfect flat rock. 
And found it!

Gavin kept trying to do it with no luck. 
Hopefully by the end of summer he will be a pro. 

Ella loved being out side and kept laughing at the kids. Of course they were getting a big kick out of trying to make her laugh too!

I think this is my favorite picture that day, 
Ava, Grace and Gavin racing up the hill to go to the park. 

Grace and Ava won to get on the sea saw first. 

There were dandelions everywhere! 
The kids would see who could find the perfect one and then blow on it.

Before we climbed back into the truck for the last 2+ hours of our trip home the kids ran across the bridge a few times. 

It was a great break from the long drive. We finally got home after 9pm to four very exhausted kids who woke up asking where are we going to on our next trip. I love road trips and now I know they do too!

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  1. What a fun trip, and what a cool rest stop! Its so fun to see all the cool stuff you are able to do with your kiddos when they are just a bit older. How fun!