Monday, June 28, 2010

No more apples please

Every day I get the kids a snack before I go upstairs to put Ella down for her afternoon nap. I washed up 3 apples and put on our favorite show Phineas and Ferb to keep them occupied for a few minutes so I can take care of Ella. As I was walking back down the stairs I hear Grace start screaming! I immediately get mad because I just told all three of them to sit quietly because I needed to get Ella to sleep. So here I am, with what Ava calls my mad face on, going to discipline the kids and Grace give me the biggest smile! She is jumping up and down because now she has her first loose tooth. She has been asking when this was going to happen since her cousin Braden, who is 18 months older, lost his first tooth. So this is a picture of her call to Braden to tell him the great news!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art Fair

On Saturday we packed up the kids in the truck and headed into Nashville. First stop Vanderbilt campus to check out a bike shop for Grace. When we pulled up I was very happy to see an Art Fair going on right across the street! 


There was so many great items on display. 
We all loved these little swings for the back yard. 

Gavin liked wondering around the center of the tents. 

Aaron and the kids were very patient with me as 
I checked out the best tent in the fair. 

Michelle had so many beautiful prints of her work. Each one was more lovely than the last. 

I was very excited when I saw this hanging up behind her. It is one of her original works and I am so lucky to have found it! Now I just need to find a place to hang it in our home.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playroom fun

Afternoons in TN during the summer are really hot so we try to find a lot of things to do inside the house to keep busy. Today the girls wanted to decorate the play room to "make it work". I think they watch a little too much Design Star and Project Runway with me.  Grace and Ava sat nicely drawing and cutting out pictures while Gavin showed off for the camera. His Hollywood nickname couldn't be more perfect. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Caped Crusader

Every couple weeks we get a visit from a superhero. Most of the time it is Batman but every once in a while Bruce Wane shows up instead. I know the difference because Batman wears a mask to hide his identity and Bruce Wane wears the costume but not the mask. He usually spends about an hour or two and I know he is gone when Gavin comes up to me and says he is back and asked if I missed him. He also inquires if we had any special visitors while he was away. 

The other day we had a superhero morph come over. He was not sure about his name so we came up with the Caped Crusader. I know, not very original but when he is a mix of a pirate, Power Ranger, Batman, Robin, Jedi and Ironman my options are limited.