Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take me out to the Cubs game

On Thursday Aaron was looking up the Cubs schedule and saw that they were playing the Reds over the weekend. He looked at me and asked what I thought about a road trip this weekend? Of course, I am always up for traveling! So it was set, an impromptu trip to Cincinnati. Aaron was in charge of the tickets and I took care of everything else. We left on Sat morning and drove the quick 4 hours, checked into the very cool Art Deco hotel and went out to find some food.

We happened upon a new Mexican restaurant not too far from the hotel that was unbelievably great.

We walked around a bit after checking out the sites and turned in for the night. 

The next morning we went to It's just Crepes for breakfast. They were so good and as big as their heads!

After we decided to walk a mile down to a market. Well no one told us that we would be walking through the WORST part of Cincinnati. We were getting weird looks from everyone waking up on abandon buildings doorsteps. All we could do is walk fast, smile and say good morning. When we finally made it to the market we asked what was a good walking way back to the hotel and they just gave us the ARE YOU NUTS looks. They offered to call us a cab! Aaron decided that we would be ok of we just stayed next to the 4 lane highway and walk at a brisk pace. We did make it back safe just in time to go to the ball park.

We walked down to the Great American Ball Park and took the usual pictures outside with the sign behind the kids. Growing up going to Wrigley Field I am a bit of a snob when it comes to ball parks. I have to admit this was a really great one! It had the old school feeling with all the new convinces. I would never trade it for Wrigley but it was nice to visit.

Aaron did a really great job at getting us good seats! The place was packed and the weather was perfect. We waited a few innings then Aaron went off to get some beer and hotdogs. What is it about being a a baseball game, the beer always tastes so much better?!

It was a great day at the park even though the Cubs lost. 

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