Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinner conversations

We had a very interesting talk at dinner tonight. Mostly the kids talked and I listened.

Conversation 1

Grace looks at me and says, "I really can't wait until college so I don't have to take care of these 3 kids anymore." 

Me- First of all I am happy that my kids know that they will be going to college and they are already planning on it.
 Second, thinking we really need to have a talk.

Conversation 2

Gavin, "So I asked Lilly to marry me and she said no, she said she is never getting married."
Ava, "Yeah, I told Sara who asked Lilly about it and Lilly goes like this (Ava makes a open mouth surprised face)."

The dialog exchanged between two 5 year olds about what happens in Kindergarten is always funny to me. 

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