Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Belle Meade Plantation

It was a beautiful fall day and we wanted to take the kids somewhere we have never been before in the area. Aaron's parents, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Robyn, were in town on a visit and thought this was a great time to go see Belle Meade. Along with seeing this great plantation I had ulterior motives of trying to get the perfect picture for our Christmas cards while we were there. 

This is one of my favorite pictures, it is not perfect but it shows each of their personalities. Sweet Ella, Goofy Ava, Gavin trying to make us laugh and our lovely Grace. 

Trying to get all the kids together smiling in a picture is extremely hard. Most of the time I begged Grace, Ava and Gavin just to look at me while Aaron placed Ella in front of them. She of course thought it was funny to bolt as soon as he put her down. After about 10 times of doing this they just grabbed her for the last picture of the day.  

We finished up the day by walking around downtown Nashville and eating dinner at The Spaghetti Factory. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures. You asked me about the paint color on my craft room island. I put the formula on my FAQs page here http://www.sawdustandpaperscraps.com/p/q_02.html

    I wish it was as easy as telling you the name of the color but of course it's not because I can't do anything the easy way {apparently}. Hope that helps.