Monday, May 31, 2010

Annual camping trip

Last year we started a new tradition of going camping over Memorial Day weekend. This year we went to the Hillman Ferry campground in Land between the Lakes National Park. We were lucky to get a campsite that was really close to everything. The beach, fishing, and most importantly with 3 little kids, the bathroom. 

We brought a little tent for Ella to try to keep her out of trouble. It had been raining and the ground was all muddy and I was not thrilled with the idea of Ella crawling around. She was not happy about this decision. 

As soon as we got the campsite set up we needed a little break. By saying WE I really mean ME. 

After our snack we took the kids to go fishing. 

The kids were very patient waiting for Aaron to get the fishing line ready. Gavin was the only one who wanted to try it once they realized that you have to put a worm on the hook. 

This is the view of the beach from the fishing dock.  

We love campfires! 
  I don't know what it is about fire but we can just sit around for hours just staring at it. Relaxing perhaps? I'm not sure but the kids just sat mesmerized watching Aaron get it ready for dinner. 

We were lucky we cooked dinner early because shortly after we finished we got hit with thunderstorms which lasted until morning.

During the night we found out we had a couple leaks in the top of the tent that need to be repaired but other than that it was a good night. We woke up to sunshine and a drenched campsite. We cleaned up and finally got the fire started to make our breakfast before we headed out on our walk through the woods. 

We stopped to look at the board to see what trail we wanted to go on. Lets see... 20 mile hike? Nope. 10 mile trail? No thanks. Oooh! There is a loop that goes around the campground? Perfect! 

Ella loves the carrier. 
She falls asleep as soon as Aaron starts walking. 

Aaron put the kids in charge to make sure we stayed on the right path. I still would have held him solely responsible if we got lost or onto a longer trail. Something about Army Special Operations and land navigation training would have made it impossible for him to live it down. 

Grace spotted this very tiny turtle in the middle of the trail. Gavin came up with the name Shelly which I thought was really cleaver. So we sat around looking and talking about Shelly for a few minutes then we parted ways. 


When we got back to the campsite Ella was awake and the other kids were tired, hot and hungry. Aaron was getting the fire ready for lunch and the kids just sat around watching him. 

We had campfire pizzas. Which is just white bread, pizza sauce and cheese cooked with a pie iron. The pie irons are probably the best cooking item to bring camping with kids. You can put just about anything in them and the kids will eat it. 

There is nothing better than making s'mores on a camping trip. 
No matter what fun things we do and see s'mores is always the kids answer when we ask what was your favorite part of the trip. 

The first step is to put as many marshmallows as 
possible on one stick. Ava is a pro!


I think this was number 3 for Gavin!

Miss Ava is still in her princess 
form even when eating a messy s'more. 
Pinkies up!

Ella was trying to eat the s'mores right out of Aaron's hand. 
Poor thing, the next camping trip she will be 
older than 1 so then she can try it. 


We had a so much fun that none of us wanted to go home!

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  1. This totally makes me want to go camping!! Looks so fun.