Monday, March 22, 2010

A nice little Friday.

I have been down in the dumps for a while now. I am happy Aaron is back home but I just can't get used to living here. The kids still ask on a daily basis when we are going move back to our beautiful house in NC and to see all their friends. I am just as homesick as they are. I keep hoping that once I meet some people, which hasn't happened yet, that it will get better. I can't shake the feeling like this place will never feel like home. I am hopeful that once the weather changes it will get better :)

This weekend has been the first time, in a very long time, that I felt like myself. We had a wonderful Friday! Aaron was off work, no school for Gracie and it was a beautiful day! 

In the morning the kids road their bikes around. 

Gavin, wearing his batman gloves. 

After lunch we went hiking. 

Ella cracked me up because she was so serious the entire time. She wasn't too sure about the carrier and what was going on. 

On the trail Ava was a little nervous at first and wanted to hold onto Aaron's hand. Gavin, with his pirate vest on ran ahead. 

When it started getting dark we went home, put some paper logs from Whole Foods in the fire pit, pulled out the marshmallows and had some s'mores.

What a fun day!

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