Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mission: School bakery goods

Day 1

Yesterday we decided to make Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies that turned out looked great. Ava and Gavin hated them warm but liked them today. Grace and Aaron loved them and I would say they were good. I would definitely recommend them for anyone to make and they are still in the running to bring to Grace's school.

Day 2

On another mission today to find a great baking item to take to Grace's school I am trying out "Award winning" soft chocolate chip cookies from So with Ella asleep I am ready to get baking with two of my favorite helpers :)

Ava, of course had to put on her baking hat.

Gavin, the ham as always.


I don't know what contest they were in to win any kind of award... I just don't like the cookies! So frustrating because I could have just used my family recipe and they would have been great. Next time I will stick to recipes I know are great for traditional cookies. Now to start looking for what to make next...

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