Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

While all the Christmas shopping alone this year I tried to stay away from Target and Toys R Us. I found a lot of great stores online that I love. I wanted most of what I gave the kids to be organic, and preferably made in the US. Wow, was that ever a tall order. I never realized how how of a search that would be.

I started with Etsy. Here are just a few items that I love.

I found these great crayon wallets that are not made of organic fabric but are made in the USA. The kids love them and they are great for traveling.

My search continued and I came across organic felt play food! How cute are these?! I ordered the eggs along with cookies and doughnuts.

Super Hero masks were a huge hit as well. It was great because they are all custom, so you can pick out the colors you want so no one had the same mask.

There is one website that is really great, http://www.urthchild.com
I called to talk to them about a package I received from them and found out that it is just a stay at home mom who runs her own business. How cool is that? She is very sweet and I will definitely be buying more stuff from her. One of my favorite things from her shop is a little doll for Ella by Kathe Kruse.

This book was my favorite gift to give to friends this year. I bought out the entire store, and I was still short on books to give out. So, for a few of you who have not received this yet from me, I am on the waiting list to get more.

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